We supply our products and services to customers throughout the western world.

United Kingdom: Capenhurst
Capenhurst is situated on the Wirral peninsula in the northwest of England. Here we mainly focus on providing design, technology, project management and construction expertise. The Plant Design and Projects Service team works on a wide range of projects.

France: Tricastin
Our Tricastin facility is fully dedicated to the construction of Orano's new enrichment installations. We direct the assembly, installation and start-up of the cascades.

Germany: Jülich
Our facility in Germany is in Jülich, near Aachen. The facility is home to our Research & Development team as well as the production and testing of centrifuge components. Under the recent restructuring, the cascade piping activities previously located in Gronau were moved to Jülich.

Netherlands: Almelo
Our facility is located in Almelo in the eastern Netherlands. The factory is our main centrifuge production facility. Almelo produces components in a series of complex technical processes, and also takes care of assembly, testing and transport.