ETC group

As well as owning and developing the world’s pre-eminent technology for enriching uranium for nuclear energy, ETC owns and operates three subsidiary companies that are actively involved in producing and supplying innovative high-tech solutions to various markets.

The skills and products that we have refined through four decades in the nuclear power supply chain have many useful and innovative applications at the cutting edge of new energy technologies. Our group companies exist to develop and exploit specific opportunities in the 21st century energy market, as follows:

Org chart showing Pronexos, Stornetic and NPROXX under ETC

offers a range of industrial services and engineering specialisms which are applicable from the tiniest semiconductors in a microchip, to the next generation of space rockets

is a global leader in hydrogen storage, producing type IV pressure vessels from wound carbon fibre that can store hydrogen at up to 1000 bar for use in fuel cells, powering anything from a small car to a mining truck

designs and produces a viable alternative to batteries for large scale energy storage using almost frictionless flywheel technology

Our priority

Throughout our Group, ETC’s unwavering commitment to safety and security holds true – our colleagues work safely, or they do not work.