Sustainability & CSR

At ETC, Sustainability matters. We strongly believe that the world must reduce its reliance on fossil fuels rapidly, to counteract the reality of climate change. This can only be achieved through a mix of sustainable energy sources.

Sustainability encompasses all aspects of corporate social responsibility, as outlined by the UN’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. As a part of our effort to adopt practices and support initiatives that enrich our world, we have developed plans at each ETC site to protect our world, improve our employee’s wellbeing and engage with our community.

ETC Sustainability Statement

We have outlined the details of our commitment to Sustainability in the following statement:

Our commitment

ETC holds a crucial position in the global energy market. We are world leaders in seeking out new and innovative technologies that allow our customers to provide the world with a safe, secure and sustainable energy supply. We believe that reaching Net Zero will not be possible without nuclear energy, and are extremely proud of the vital contribution our technology is already making to the decarbonisation efforts in the energy sector.

We know our technology is vital for a better future, but our approach to Sustainability must extend beyond the positive impact of nuclear energy. We have made a commitment to put Sustainability at the heart of everything we do. This applies to both the design and delivery of our technologies and projects, and in our daily business practices and processes. ETC’s commitment to Sustainability is three-fold: we make pledges for our planet, people and communities. In 2023, these pledges will be fulfilled through the nine Sustainability objectives detailed below.

Corporate and site-specific Sustainability plans have been designed to ensure we are acting with Sustainability in mind across our operations. We pledge to make continuous improvements to our CSR approach by examining all possible measures to reduce our impact on our planet, our people and our communities and developing new sustainable strategies.

This statement is endorsed by ETC’s Executive Team. They will support our Sustainability Coordinators in the delivery of the following objectives and regularly review our Sustainability Plans and development opportunities for continual improvement.


Reinhard Hinterreither

Chief Executive Officer
Date: 19/04/23


Laure Claquin

Chief Financial Officer
Date: 19/04/23


Ian Crombie

Projects Director
Date: 21/04/23


Pieter Folkers

Commercial Director
Date: 20/04/23


Leon Lagendijk

Site Director ETC Nederland
Date: 24/04/23


Andreas Scholz

Site Director ETC Deutschland
Date: 21/04/23


Michael Smith

General Counsel & Company Secretary
Date: 20/04/23


Hedwig Snijders

Group Supply Chain & Business Transformation Director
Date: 24/04/23


Our objectives

For our Planet

Alongside facilitating the adoption of cleaner, safer, more affordable nuclear energy, ETC also recognises the importance of minimising the environmental impact of all business activities, both internally and externally.

Across all operations, we pledge to:

  • Monitor and work towards the reduction of our carbon outputs by implementing the most efficient practices to minimise scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and utilising more renewable technologies.
  • Adopt a circular approach to waste by reducing consumption of material goods, and keeping products, components and materials within the economy at their highest utility and value. Most importantly, we understand the importance of designing products for reuse and pledge to use our position in the supply chain to design waste and pollution out of our technologies where possible.
  • Protect biodiversity and enhance connectivity at our sites, in our wider communities and across the globe through impact assessments, volunteering programmes and involvement in global initiatives.

For our People

We are committed to mitigating our environmental impact as a business, but also committed to educating and empowering our workforce to do the same in their home-lives. At ETC, we value Social Sustainability as highly as we value Environmental Sustainability, and are committed to facilitating a healthy work-life balance and workplace culture for all our colleagues across all our sites.

In all departments, we pledge to:

  • Encourage a business-wide sustainable mindset by sharing our knowledge of environmental issues and introducing Sustainability into all existing processes, including incorporating Sustainability into bonus targets.
  • Endorse our own employee wellbeing, prioritising staff health and happiness by providing various workplace and lifestyle benefits.
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the business by offering internal training, raising awareness of and increasing support for diversity initiatives.


For our Community

Our Sustainability focus also goes beyond our internal operations. Not only do we create technology that contributes to building a better world in the long term, but we also invest time and funds into our local communities at each ETC location, in order to enrich the lives of those who most need help now.

At all locations, we pledge to:

  • Build strong relationships with local communities by supporting charities and social initiatives, both financially and through volunteering, to improve the livelihoods of local people.
  • Actively engage with students at surrounding schools and universities to inspire future generations to pursue the careers in sustainable science, technology and engineering which underpin our health, prosperity and future.
  • Actively promote nuclear solutions by educating younger generations in order to aid recognition of the positive effects of utilising nuclear technology.