ETC is an innovative technology company dedicated to developing advanced solutions that contribute to a sustainable energy mix. We invest heavily in Research and Development to protect and grow the advanced technologies that we have developed.


Working At ETC

At ETC we strongly believe that the work we do contributes to a cleaner world. Our activities form a vital part of the only feasible mix of future sustainable energy supplies that can meet the world’s ongoing energy needs. Come and work with us!

Our Purpose and Value

Safety & Security

At ETC, safety and security are our number one priorities – We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all our staff and operations, and we place considerable emphasis on making sure that safety and security awareness are integral to every action we take.


ETC is an innovative technology company committed to the safe, competitive and sustainable delivery of enrichment technology services and advanced high-tech solutions to our customers.


Insights & News

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20 May 2022

How ETC’s centrifuge technology contributes to global decarbonisation

As governments and businesses around the world continue to address the many challenges of decarbonisation, ETC has undertaken a detailed study to analyse the level of carbon emissions that have been saved as a result of using the business’ enrichment technology to create virtually emissions-free nuclear power.

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03 February 2022

European Commission categorises nuclear power as a sustainable energy source

Following consultations with the member states the European Commission has classified nuclear power as an environmentally sustainable energy source. The decision is part of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities, a system that mobilises and guides future investments required to achieve climate neutrality across Europe by 2050.

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28 January 2022

2022: the year of sustainability at ETC

2022 has been set as ETC’s Year of Sustainability, in which the company aims to leverage its skills and expertise in high-tech, clean energy production to make a significant difference to the business’ sustainability performance. CFO Laure Claquin is leading an engaged team of colleagues, drawn from all ETC sites, that plan to deliver a series of activities and events focused on sustainability issues.


ETC In Numbers


Million Tonnes

Annual CO2 emissions that are saved globally because of the use of ETC’s technology. That’s more than the carbon footprint of the entire UK (365 Million tonnes in 2019).



ETC invests almost 20% of its annual revenues into research and development, developing low- and no-carbon energy solutions to power the future.


Local organisations

In communities near ETC sites have benefitted from ETC’s support and involvement in 2020, including charities, sponsorships, events and many other community involvements.