Clean energy through innovation

We are a global leader in enrichment technology and innovative energy solutions.


At ETC we are world leaders in seeking out and developing new and innovative technologies that can help the world develop a sustainable and renewable energy supply.

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Nuclear Fuel Cycle

ETC’s Gas centrifuge technology is the world’s most efficient process for enriching Uranium to the point where it can be used as nuclear fuel for producing electricity.

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Centrifuge Technology

ETC’s gas centrifuge technology is by far the most efficient method of enriching uranium available.

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ETC is an innovative technology company dedicated to developing advanced solutions that contribute to a sustainable energy mix. We invest heavily in Research and Development to protect and grow the advanced technologies that we have developed.

News & Insights

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26 September 2023

Arnaud Pollono joins ETC as new CFO

The ETC Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Arnaud Pollono as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ETC. He has assumed his new role effective 1 September 2023.
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16 May 2023

ETC releases company Sustainability Statement

ETC, designer and manufacturer of the world’s leading technology for uranium enrichment, has released its first-ever Sustainability Statement.
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Maurice Emunds (left) and Andreas Scholz (right)
5 December 2022

ETC’s Jülich site under new management

From December 2022, the site of ETC Deutschland is managed by Andreas Scholz, our former Head of Research & Development. He will receive support from Maurice Emunds, who has additionally been appointed Deputy Site Director of Jülich.
Our Purpose and Value

Safety & Security

At ETC, safety and security are our number one priorities – We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all our staff and operations, and we place considerable emphasis on making sure that safety and security awareness are integral to every action we take.


Pronexos offers a range of industrial services and engineering specialisms which are applicable from the tiniest semiconductors in a microchip, to the next generation of space rockets.


NPROXX is a global leader in hydrogen storage, producing type IV pressure vessels from wound carbon fibre that can store hydrogen at up to 1000 bar for use in fuel cells.


Stornetic designs and produces a viable alternative to batteries for large scale energy storage using almost frictionless flywheel technology.

ETC In Numbers

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Million Tonnes

Annual CO2 emissions that are saved globally because of the use of ETC’s technology. That’s more than the carbon footprint of the entire UK (314 Million tonnes in 2020).

19.6% Investment

ETC invests almost 20% of its annual revenues into research and development, developing low- and no-carbon energy solutions to power the future.

62 Local Organisations

In communities near ETC sites have benefitted from ETC’s support and involvement in 2020, including charities, sponsorships, events and many other community involvements.