Pronexos is a leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fibre products and a supplier of specialist manufacturing products and services to high-tech industries. With the ability to draw on the expertise of more than 400 skilled engineers and qualified operators.

Pronexos is active in four divisions:


CFRP Rollers

Pronexos designs and manufactures specialist rollers from wound carbon fibre (CFRP). These rollers have significant operational advantages over metal rollers, and are used in the printing, packaging, fabric and similar industries



Pronexos can supply a wide range of specialist services that are used in the semi-conductor supply chain including: clean room assembly, process design and improvement, Electron beam welding, flow forming and other advanced industrial processes



Pronexos can offer a range of NADCAP-accredited services for the aviation and aerospace industries, including specialist manufacturing of products such as engine components, nozzles and pressure vessels


Industrial Services

Pronexos’ Industrial Services division offers a diverse range of advanced industrial processes including flow forming for precision tubes, heat treatments for altering material properties, Electron beam welding and other specialist industrial techniques. We can also offer significant R&D capacity, experience and capabilities.


ETC Group company, STORNETIC, develops high-tech flywheel-based systems that offer a viable alternative to the extensive use of batteries in energy storage, grid management and hybrid systems.