Our mission

At ETC, we are committed to making a sustainable contribution to the global energy supply, by safely delivering enrichment technology to support generation of low-carbon nuclear energy.


At ETC, we are aware of the great responsibility we have towards our employees, our customers and society.
That is why we at ETC always act according to the following values:


We maintain safety as the top priority and operate to the highest standards of safety, health and environment. Our guiding principle: We work safely or we do not work.


We protect the technology and knowledge of ETC and our customers to the highest standards and in accordance with treaties, rules and regulations.


We are focussing our activities on a sustainable future for global society. Not only our technologies, but also our daily actions are geared towards sustainability and using resources responsibly.


We value the highest quality in everything we do. Therefore, we apply the highest standards in the development and production of our high-tech solutions.

Customer Focus

We ensure our products and services are in compliance with customer requirements and we deliver cost effective technology solutions accordingly.

People Focus

We extend our know how by developing our people’s talent, initiative and leadership. We conduct our business with integrity and build relationships through trust, respect and open, effective communication.

Our history

ETC was founded in 2003, but the technology that we develop has been around for much longer. Take a look through our timeline to learn more.