At ETC we are world leaders in seeking out and developing new and innovative technologies that can help the world develop a sustainable and renewable energy supply.

We own and develop the world’s leading technology for uranium enrichment, gas centrifuge technology. Gas centrifuge enrichment has proved itself to be the most efficient and effective process for uranium enrichment.

Our commitment to Research & Development

Annually, ETC commits 20% of our annual revenues to further Research & Development (R&D) putting ETC in the top tier of manufacturing & technology companies globally.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The Process

ETC’s technology holds a key position in the nuclear fuel cycle – the process by which natural uranium is converted into fuel that can be used in a nuclear reactor to produce power.

Centrifuge Technology

World Leading Technology

ETC has developed the world’s leading technology for uranium enrichment, gas centrifuge technology. The process uses centrifugal forces to enrich the concentration of one isotope of uranium. Our technology is by far the most efficient method of achieving this.

Insight & News

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26 September 2023

Arnaud Pollono joins ETC as new CFO

The ETC Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Arnaud Pollono as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ETC. He has assumed his new role effective 1 September 2023.
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16 May 2023

ETC releases company Sustainability Statement

ETC, designer and manufacturer of the world’s leading technology for uranium enrichment, has released its first-ever Sustainability Statement.
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Maurice Emunds (left) and Andreas Scholz (right)
5 December 2022

ETC’s Jülich site under new management

From December 2022, the site of ETC Deutschland is managed by Andreas Scholz, our former Head of Research & Development. He will receive support from Maurice Emunds, who has additionally been appointed Deputy Site Director of Jülich.