NPROXX is a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing high pressure hydrogen storage for stationary and mobile applications.

NPROXX offers stationary and mobile hydrogen storage.

NPROXX applies its expertise in wet-winding carbon fibre filament to produce pressure vessels with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. These vessels can be used to store hydrogen gas at very high pressures (up to 1000 bar). This gas can then be used to power fuel cells in a wide range of vehicles, including vans, trains, buses, lorries, cars, heavy plant vehicles and even ships.

The use of hydrogen as a fuel is expanding rapidly as its benefits are realised – using hydrogen creates no emissions other than water, and the hydrogen itself can be sustainably manufactured using an electrolysis process from surplus energy generated by sustainable installations such as wind and solar farms. NPROXX is a joint venture between ETC and Cummins, a global power leader.


Pronexos is a leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fibre products and a supplier of specialist manufacturing products and services to high-tech industries. With the ability to draw on the expertise of more than 400 skilled engineers and qualified operators.