ETC'S Technologies

ETC is a high-tech innovative company providing a range of services in the energy and industrial sectors that we believe will contribute to a decarbonized world in future. We are world leaders in seeking out new and innovative technologies that can help the world develop a sustainable and renewable energy supply.

Our Activities Include:


The technology that powers the market leading solution for enriching uranium to the point where it can be used as fuel in a nuclear reactor, Gas Centrifuge technology.


A range of quality CFRP products and specialist industrial services and competencies, developed over four decades of high-tech product development and manufacturing.


Innovative solutions for battery-free grid management and stabilization, high performance applications and hybrid energy management solutions.


Mobile and stationary solutions for high-pressure, high-volume hydrogen storage, for use as an emission-free fuel.


Research & Development

As a company ETC invests 20% of its annual revenue on Research and Development, putting us in the very top tier of companies worldwide for re-investment in innovation.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The Process

ETC’s technology holds a key position in the nuclear fuel cycle – the process by which natural uranium is converted into fuel that can be used in a nuclear reactor to produce power.

Centrifuge Technology

World Leading Technology

ETC has developed the world’s leading technology for uranium enrichment, gas centrifuge technology. The process uses centrifugal forces to enrich the concentration of one isotope of uranium. Our technology is by far the most efficient method of achieving this.