ETC Group company, STORNETIC, develops high-tech flywheel-based systems.

ETC Group company, STORNETIC, develops high-tech flywheel-based systems that offer a viable alternative to the extensive use of batteries in energy storage, grid management and hybrid systems.

STORNETIC’s DuraStor® system combines a number of highly efficient flywheels in a single system, along with advanced power controls. The advantages of flywheel energy storage over battery usage include longer serviceable life; reduced fire risk; and reduced use of heavy metals. Additional advantages of the STORNETIC system include its capacity for rapid charge and discharge, and the very low maintenance requirement associated with almost frictionless technology that can withstand a very high level of charging and discharging.

STORNETIC’s flywheel-based solution is of particular interest in the development of grid management systems, microgrids and hybrid energy storage systems.


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