20 May 2022

How ETC’s centrifuge technology contributes to global decarbonisation

As governments and businesses around the world continue to address the many challenges of decarbonisation, ETC has undertaken a detailed study to analyse the level of carbon emissions that have been saved as a result of using the business’ enrichment technology to create virtually emissions-free nuclear power.

The study concluded that the use of ETC’s world-leading gas centrifuge technology saves around 400 megatons of CO2 emissions globally each year. That figure was calculated by assessing ETC’s involvement in the global enrichment capacity market, analysing the energy produced from enriched uranium, and then calculating the emissions that would have otherwise occurred if that energy had been produced using today’s global mix of renewable and fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

“400 megatons really is an extraordinary amount” commented ETC’s CEO, Reinhard Hinterreither. “That, for example, is more than the total CO2 produced by the UK, as well as many other countries, in 2020*. This comparison gives a clear context to the positive impact that nuclear energy can contribute to those creating plans for a future sustainable energy supply, such as The European Commission’s 2030 Climate Target Plan.”

ETC has also pledged that 2022 is the company’s Year of Sustainability, during which there is increased focus on developing its commitment to sustainable activities and performance. Find out more about ETC’s pioneering centrifuge technology, and discover how you could contribute to delivering ETC’s mission and vision through current career opportunities.

*More information on emissions by country is available online in the global emissions database.

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16 May 2023

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Maurice Emunds (left) and Andreas Scholz (right)
5 December 2022

ETC’s Jülich site under new management

From December 2022, the site of ETC Deutschland is managed by Andreas Scholz, our former Head of Research & Development. He will receive support from Maurice Emunds, who has additionally been appointed Deputy Site Director of Jülich.
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Two ETC colleagues work on an office project together
21 October 2022

Why work at ETC?

ETC is an innovative technology company committed to the safe, sustainable delivery of enrichment technology services and advanced high-tech solutions to our customers.