ETC is an innovative technology company committed to the safe, sustainable delivery of enrichment technology services and advanced high-tech solutions to our customers.

ETC colleagues benefit greatly from working in an international business, with an inclusive culture that gives each individual the room to grow and the chance to develop, both professionally and personally. Here are four great reasons to consider a career at ETC:

1. Exciting technology challenges

ETC develops advanced technology solutions that make a major contribution to the ongoing establishment of a sustainable global energy supply. ETC colleagues work with our unique, state-of-the-art centrifuge equipment and continually improve the performance of our enrichment technology. To sustain our industry-leading status, ETC invests heavily in Research and Development to expand our team’s advanced skillset and further their knowledge of nuclear enrichment.

2. A rewarding working culture

At ETC, we know we are stronger as a team. As well as offering a diverse range of roles, we place teamwork at the heart of every project. We encourage colleagues to explore other areas of the business that might be of interest, while recognising and supporting the importance of employee wellbeing. ETC colleagues enjoy a strong work-life balance and workplace benefits, including hybrid working options and healthy office incentives.

3. Excellent development opportunities

Whatever the role, ETC team members are encouraged to develop their capabilities and seek out new skills to drive their career forward. With strong career prospects, new colleagues at ETC can professionally and personally grow, as well as making a real difference by contributing fresh ideas to the way we work. Additionally, ETC continues to invest in the next generation of industrial specialists through our established and progressive graduate programme.

4. Aiming towards sustainability

For a number of years, ETC’s focus on sustainability has been growing. Our colleagues pride themselves on the support they offer, both locally and globally, by helping to deliver a truly sustainable energy supply. Internally, we are also making committed efforts to reduce our impact on the planet and have realigned our business goals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As the need for a sustainable and reliable global energy supply continues to grow, ETC’s position as a supplier of advanced enrichment technology is becoming increasingly important. To meet the increase in demand, departments across ETC are growing steadily as many new colleagues join us to take on this challenging and extremely rewarding work.

If you would like to find out more about a career at ETC, see our current vacancies or send your CV to our open application.

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21 October 2022

Why work at ETC?

ETC is an innovative technology company committed to the safe, sustainable delivery of enrichment technology services and advanced high-tech solutions to our customers.

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05 September 2022

ETC goes into orbit with the Ariane 6

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space – its mission is to shape the development of the continent’s space capability and ensure that space investment continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world.

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14 August 2022

Mourning for Stefan Kirchhoff

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that Stefan Kirchhoff, Director of the ETC site at Jülich, Germany, passed away on 4th August. We would like to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and everybody who knew him. In his passing, we have lost a great person, an outstanding leader, a colleague and a friend.